A Framework for Automated Pop-song Melody Generation with Piano Accompaniment Arrangement

by   Ziyu Wang, et al.

We contribute a pop-song automation framework for lead melody generation and accompaniment arrangement. The framework reflects the major procedures of human music composition, generating both lead melody and piano accompaniment by a unified strategy. Specifically, we take chord progression as an input and propose three models to generate a structured melody with piano accompaniment textures. First, the harmony alternation model transforms a raw input chord progression to an altered one to better fit the specified music style. Second, the melody generation model generates the lead melody and other voices (melody lines) of the accompaniment using seasonal ARMA (Autoregressive Moving Average) processes. Third, the melody integration model integrates melody lines (voices) together as the final piano accompaniment. We evaluate the proposed framework using subjective listening tests. Experimental results show that the generated melodies are rated significantly higher than the ones generated by bi-directional LSTM, and our accompaniment arrangement result is comparable with a state-of-the-art commercial software, Band in a Box.



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