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A finite element method to a periodic steady-state problem for an electromagnetic field system using the space-time finite element exterior calculus

by   Masaru Miyashita, et al.

This paper proposes a finite element method for solving the periodic steady-state problem for the scalar-valued and vector-valued Poisson equations, a simple reduction model of the Maxwell equations under the Coulomb gauge. Introducing a new potential variable, we reformulate two systems composed of the scalar-valued and vector-valued Poisson problems to a single Hodge-Laplace problem for the 1-form in ℝ^4 using the standard de Rham complex. Consequently, we can directly apply the Finite Element Exterior Calculus (FEEC) theory in ℝ^4 to deduce the well-posedness, stability, and convergence. Numerical examples using the cubical element are reported to validate the theoretical results.


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