A Federated Learning Framework for Nonconvex-PL Minimax Problems

by   Jiahao Xie, et al.

We consider a general class of nonconvex-PL minimax problems in the cross-device federated learning setting. Although nonconvex-PL minimax problems have received a lot of interest in recent years, existing algorithms do not apply to the cross-device federated learning setting which is substantially different from conventional distributed settings and poses new challenges. To bridge this gap, we propose an algorithmic framework named FedSGDA. FedSGDA performs multiple local update steps on a subset of active clients in each round and leverages global gradient estimates to correct the bias in local update directions. By incorporating FedSGDA with two representative global gradient estimators, we obtain two specific algorithms. We establish convergence rates of the proposed algorithms by using novel potential functions. Experimental results on synthetic and real data corroborate our theory and demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithms.



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