A Feature Weighted Mixed Naive Bayes Model for Monitoring Anomalies in the Fan System of a Thermal Power Plant

by   Min Wang, et al.

With the increasing intelligence and integration, a great number of two-valued variables (generally stored in the form of 0 or 1 value) often exist in large-scale industrial processes. However, these variables cannot be effectively handled by traditional monitoring methods such as LDA, PCA and PLS. Recently, a mixed hidden naive Bayesian model (MHNBM) is developed for the first time to utilize both two-valued and continuous variables for abnormality monitoring. Although MHNBM is effective, it still has some shortcomings that need to be improved. For MHNBM, the variables with greater correlation to other variables have greater weights, which cannot guarantee greater weights are assigned to the more discriminating variables. In addition, the conditional probability must be computed based on the historical data. When the training data is scarce, the conditional probability between continuous variables tends to be uniformly distributed, which affects the performance of MHNBM. Here a novel feature weighted mixed naive Bayes model (FWMNBM) is developed to overcome the above shortcomings. For FWMNBM, the variables that are more correlated to the class have greater weights, which makes the more discriminating variables contribute more to the model. At the same time, FWMNBM does not have to calculate the conditional probability between variables, thus it is less restricted by the number of training data samples. Compared with MHNBM, FWMNBM has better performance, and its effectiveness is validated through the numerical cases of a simulation example and a practical case of Zhoushan thermal power plant (ZTPP), China.



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