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A Fast Optimal Double Row Legalization Algorithm

by   Stefan Hougardy, et al.
University of Bonn

In Placement Legalization, it is often assumed that (almost) all standard cells possess the same height and can therefore be aligned in cell rows, which can then be treated independently. However, this is no longer true for recent technologies, where a substantial number of cells of double- or even arbitrary multiple-row height is to be expected. Due to interdependencies between the cell placements within several rows, the legalization task becomes considerably harder. In this paper, we show how to optimize quadratic cell movement for pairs of adjacent rows comprising cells of single- as well as double-row height with a fixed left-to-right ordering in time ๐’ช(nยทlog(n)), whereby n denotes the number of cells involved. Opposed to prior works, we thereby do not artificially bound the maximum cell movement and can guarantee to find an optimum solution. Experimental results show an average percental decrease of over 26% in the total quadratic movement when compared to a legalization approach that fixes cells of more than single-row height after Global Placement.


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