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A fast algebraic multigrid solver and accurate discretization for highly anisotropic heat flux I: open field lines

by   Golo A. Wimmer, et al.
Los Alamos National Laboratory

We present a novel solver technique for the anisotropic heat flux equation, aimed at the high level of anisotropy seen in magnetic confinement fusion plasmas. Such problems pose two major challenges: (i) discretization accuracy and (ii) efficient implicit linear solvers. We simultaneously address each of these challenges by constructing a new finite element discretization with excellent accuracy properties, tailored to a novel solver approach based on algebraic multigrid (AMG) methods designed for advective operators. We pose the problem in a mixed formulation, introducing the heat flux as an auxiliary variable and discretizing the temperature and auxiliary fields in a discontinuous Galerkin space. The resulting block matrix system is then reordered and solved using an approach in which two advection operators are inverted using AMG solvers based on approximate ideal restriction (AIR), which is particularly efficient for upwind discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of advection. To ensure that the advection operators are non-singular, in this paper we restrict ourselves to considering open (acyclic) magnetic field lines. We demonstrate the proposed discretization's superior accuracy over other discretizations of anisotropic heat flux, achieving error 1000× smaller for anisotropy ratio of 10^9, while also demonstrating fast convergence of the proposed iterative solver in highly anisotropic regimes where other diffusion-based AMG methods fail.


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