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A Dynamical System-based Key Equation for Decoding One-Point Algebraic-Geometry Codes

by   Ramamonjy Andriamifidisoa, et al.
University of Antananarivo

A closer look at linear recurring sequences allowed us to define the multiplication of a univariate polynomial and a sequence, viewed as a power series with another variable, resulting in another sequence. Extending this operation, one gets the multiplication of matrices of multivariate polynomials and vectors of powers series. A dynamical system, according to U. Oberst is then the kernel of the linear mapping of modules defined by a polynomial matrix by this operation. Applying these tools in the decoding of the so-called one point algebraic-geometry codes, after showing that the syndrome array, which is the general transform of the error in a received word is a linear recurring sequence, we construct a dynamical system. We then prove that this array is the solution of Cauchy's homogeneous equations with respect to the dynamical system. The aim of the Berlekamp-Massey-Sakata Algorithm in the decoding process being the determination of the syndrome array, we have proved that in fact, this algorithm solves the Cauchy's homogeneous equations with respect to a dynamical system.


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