A Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm for Distributing Mobile Codes in Multi-Applications and Multi-Hosts Environment

08/27/2020 ∙ by Nevin Vunka Jungum, et al. ∙ 0

Code offloading refers to partitioning software and migrating the mobile codes to other computational entities for processing. Often when a large number of mobile codes need to be distributed to many heterogenous hosts, this can easily lead to poor system performance if one host gets too many mobile codes to process while others are almost idle. To resolve such situation, we proposed a proposed a load balancing algorithm to ensure fairness in the distribution of the mobile codes. The algorithm is based on the popular Weighted Least-Connections (WLC) scheduling algorithm while taking into consideration the dynamic recalculation of the hosts weights and system attributes such as CPU idle rate and memory idle rate which the WLC algorithm does not take into consideration. Using simulation, various number of mobile codes were distributed to the hosts/servers and the proposed algorithm outperform existing Least-Connections and Weighted Least-Connections scheduling algorithms thus improving system efficiency.



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