A Dynamic Additive and Multiplicative Effects Model with Application to the United Nations Voting Behaviors

by   Bomin Kim, et al.

In this paper, we introduce a statistical regression model for discrete-time networks that are correlated over time. Our model is a dynamic version of a Gaussian additive and multiplicative effects (DAME) model which extends the latent factor network model of Hoff (2009) and the additive and multiplicative effects model of Minhas et al. (2016a), by incorporating the temporal correlation structure into the prior specifications of the parameters. The temporal evolution of the network is modeled through a Gaussian process (GP) as in Durante and Dunson (2013), where we estimate the unknown covariance structure from the dataset. We analyze the United Nations General Assembly voting data from 1983 to 2014 (Voeten et al., 2016) and show the effectiveness of our model at inferring the dyadic dependence structure among the international voting behaviors as well as allowing for a varying number of nodes over time. Overall, the DAME model shows significantly better fit to the dataset compared to alternative approaches. Moreover, after controlling for other dyadic covariates such as geographic distances and bilateral trade between countries, the model-estimated additive effects, multiplicative effects, and their movements reveal interesting and meaningful foreign policy positions and alliances of various countries.


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