A Dual Heterogeneous Island Genetic Algorithm for Solving Large Size Flexible Flow Shop Scheduling Problems on Hybrid multi-core CPU and GPU Platforms

by   Jia Luo, et al.

The flexible flow shop scheduling problem is an NP-hard problem and it requires significant resolution time to find optimal or even adequate solutions when dealing with large size instances. Thus, this paper proposes a dual island genetic algorithm consisting of a parallel cellular model and a parallel pseudo model. This is a two-level parallelization highly consistent with the underlying architecture and is well suited for parallelizing inside or between GPUs and a multi-core CPU. At the higher level, the efficiency of island GAs is improved by exploring new regions within the search space utilizing different methods. In the meantime, the cellular model keeps the population diversity by decentralization and the pseudo model enhances the search ability by the complementary parent strategy at the lower level. To encourage the information sharing between islands, a penetration inspired migration policy is designed which sets the topology, the rate, the interval and the strategy adaptively. Finally, the proposed method is tested on some large size flexible flow shop scheduling instances in comparison with other parallel algorithms. The computational results show that it cannot only obtain competitive results but also reduces execution time.


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