A Dual-arm Robot that Autonomously Lifts Up and Tumbles Heavy Plates Using Crane Pulley Blocks

by   Shogo Hayakawa, et al.

This paper develops a planner that plans the action sequences and motion for a dual-arm robot to lift up and flip heavy plates using crane pulley blocks. The problem is motivated by the low payload of modern collaborative robots. Instead of directly manipulating heavy plates that collaborative robots cannot afford, the paper develops a planner for collaborative robots to operate crane pulley blocks. The planner assumes a target plate is pre-attached to the crane hook. It optimizes dual-arm action sequences and plans the robot's dual-arm motion that pulls the rope of the crane pulley blocks to lift up the plate. The crane pulley blocks reduce the payload that each robotic arm needs to bear. When the plate is lifted up to a satisfying pose, the planner plans a pushing motion for one of the robot arms to tumble over the plate while considering force and moment constraints. The article presents the technical details of the planner and several experiments and analysis carried out using a dual-arm robot made by two Universal Robots UR3 arms. The influence of various parameters and optimization goals are investigated and compared in depth. The results show that the proposed planner is flexible and efficient.



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