A Discontinuous Galerkin Solver in the FLASH Multi-Physics Framework

by   Johannes Markert, et al.

In this paper, we present a discontinuous Galerkin solver based on previous work by Markert et al. (2021) for magneto-hydrodynamics in form of a new fluid solver module integrated into the established and well-known multi-physics simulation code FLASH. Our goal is to enable future research on the capabilities and potential advantages of discontinuous Galerkin methods for complex multi-physics simulations in astrophysical settings. We give specific details and adjustments of our implementation within the FLASH framework and present extensive validations and test cases, specifically its interaction with several other physics modules such as (self-)gravity and radiative transfer. We conclude that the new DG solver module in FLASH is ready for use in astrophysics simulations and thus ready for assessments and investigations.



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