A Deterministic Algorithm for Balanced Cut with Applications to Dynamic Connectivity, Flows, and Beyond

by   Julia Chuzhoy, et al.

We consider the classical Minimum Balanced Cut problem: given a graph G, compute a partition of its vertices into two subsets of roughly equal volume, while minimizing the number of edges connecting the subsets. We present the first deterministic, almost-linear time approximation algorithm for this problem. Our algorithm in fact provides a stronger guarantee: it either returns a balanced cut whose value is close to a given target value, or it certifies that such a cut does not exist by exhibiting a large subgraph of G that has high conductance. We use this algorithm to obtain deterministic algorithms for dynamic connectivity and minimum spanning forest, whose worse-case update time on an n-vertex graph is n^o(1), thus resolving a major open problem in the area of dynamic graph algorithms. Our work also implies deterministic algorithms for a host of additional problems, whose time complexities match, up to subpolynomial in n factors, those of known randomized algorithms. The implications include almost-linear time deterministic algorithms for solving Laplacian systems and for approximating maximum flows in undirected graphs.


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