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A Design Space for Human Sensor and Actuator Focused In-Vehicle Interaction Based on a Systematic Literature Review

by   Pascal Jansen, et al.
Universität Ulm

Automotive user interfaces constantly change due to increasing automation, novel features, additional applications, and user demands. While in-vehicle interaction can utilize numerous promising modalities, no existing overview includes an extensive set of human sensors and actuators and interaction locations throughout the vehicle interior. We conducted a systematic literature review of 327 publications leading to a design space for in-vehicle interaction that outlines existing and lack of work regarding input and output modalities, locations, and multimodal interaction. To investigate user acceptance of possible modalities and locations inferred from existing work and gaps unveiled in our design space, we conducted an online study (N=48). The study revealed users' general acceptance of novel modalities (e.g., brain or thermal activity) and interaction with locations other than the front (e.g., seat or table). Our work helps practitioners evaluate key design decisions, exploit trends, and explore new areas in the domain of in-vehicle interaction.


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