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A Deforestation of Reducts: Refocusing

by   Olivier Danvy, et al.

In a small-step semantics with a deterministic reduction strategy, refocusing is a transformation that connects a reduction-based normalization function (i.e., a normalization function that enumerates the successive terms in a reduction sequence – the successive reducts) and a reduction-free normalization function (i.e., a normalization function that does not construct any reduct because all the reducts are deforested). This transformation was introduced by Nielsen and the author in the early 2000's with an informal correctness proof. Since then, it has been used in a variety of settings, starting with Biernacka and the author's syntactic correspondence between calculi and abstract machines, and several formal proofs of it have been put forward. This article presents a simple, if overdue, formal proof of refocusing that uses the Coq Proof Assistant and is aligned with the simplicity of the original idea.


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