A deep learning based known plaintext attack method for chaotic cryptosystem

by   Fusen Wang, et al.

In this paper, we propose a known-plaintext attack (KPA) method based on deep learning for traditional chaotic encryption scheme. We employ the convolutional neural network to learn the operation mechanism of chaotic cryptosystem, and accept the trained network as the final decryption system. To evaluate the attack performance of different networks on different chaotic cryptosystem, we adopt two neural networks to perform known-plaintext attacks on two distinct chaotic encryption schemes. The experimental results demonstrate the potential of deep learning-based method for known-plaintext attack against chaotic cryptosystem. Different from the previous known-plaintext attack methods, which were usually limited to a specific chaotic cryptosystem, a neural network can be applied to the cryptanalysis of various chaotic cryptosystems with deep learning-based approach, while several different networks can be designed for the cryptanalysis of chaotic cryptosystems. This paper provides a new idea for the cryptanalysis of chaotic image encryption algorithm.



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