A Dataset of Images of Public Streetlights with Operational Monitoring using Computer Vision Techniques

by   Ioannis Mavromatis, et al.

A dataset of street light images is presented. Our dataset consists of ∼350k images, taken from 140 UMBRELLA nodes installed in the South Gloucestershire region in the UK. Each UMBRELLA node is installed on the pole of a lamppost and is equipped with a Raspberry Pi Camera Module v1 facing upwards towards the sky and lamppost light bulb. Each node collects an image at hourly intervals for 24h every day. The data collection spans for a period of six months. Each image taken is logged as a single entry in the dataset along with the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of the lamppost. All entries in the dataset have been post-processed and labelled based on the operation of the lamppost, i.e., whether the lamppost is switched ON or OFF. The dataset can be used to train deep neural networks and generate pre-trained models providing feature representations for smart city CCTV applications, smart weather detection algorithms, or street infrastructure monitoring. The dataset can be found at <https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6046758>.


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