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A Dataset and Benchmark for Mesh Parameterization

by   Georgia Shay, et al.

UV parameterization is a core task in computer graphics, with applications in mesh texturing, remeshing, mesh repair, mesh editing, and more. It is thus an active area of research, which has led to a wide variety of parameterization methods that excel according to different measures of quality. There is no single metric capturing parameterization quality in practice, since the quality of a parameterization heavily depends on its application; hence, parameterization methods can best be judged by the actual users of the computed result. In this paper, we present a dataset of meshes together with UV maps collected from various sources and intended for real-life use. Our dataset can be used to test parameterization methods in realistic environments. We also introduce a benchmark to compare parameterization methods with artist-provided UV parameterizations using a variety of metrics. This strategy enables us to evaluate the performance of a parameterization method by computing the quality indicators that are valued by the designers of a mesh.


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