A Coverage-aware Resource Provisioning Method for Network Slicing

by   Quang-Trung Luu, et al.

Network slicing appears as a key enabler for the future 5G networks. Mobile Network Operators create various slices for Service Providers (SP) to accommodate customized services. As network slices are operated on a common network infrastructure owned by some Infrastructure Provider (InP), sharing the resources across a set of network slices is important for future deployment. Moreover, in many situations, slices have to be deployed over some geographical area: coverage as well as minimum per-user rate constraints have then to be taken into account. Usually, the various Service Function Chains (SFCs) belonging to a slice are deployed on a best-effort basis. Nothing ensures that the InP will be able to allocate enough resources to cope with the increasing demands of some SP. This paper takes the InP perspective and proposes a slice resource provisioning approach to cope with multiple slice demands in terms of computing, storage, coverage, and rate constraints. The resource requirements of the various Service Function Chains to be deployed within a slice are aggregated within a graph of Slice Resource Demands (SRD). Coverage and rate constraints are also taken into account in the SRD. Infrastructure nodes and links have then to be provisioned so as to satisfy all types of resource demands. This problem leads to a Mixed Integer Linear Programming formulation. A two-step deployment approach is considered, with several variants, depending on whether the constraints of each slide to be deployed are taken into account sequentially or jointly. Once provisioning has been performed, any slice deployment strategy may be considered on the reduced-size infrastructure graph representing the nodes and links on which resources have been provisioned. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach compared to a more classical direct slice embedding approach.


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