A Convolutional Approach to Vertebrae Detection and Labelling in Whole Spine MRI

07/06/2020 ∙ by Rhydian Windsor, et al. ∙ 17

We propose a novel convolutional method for the detection and identification of vertebrae in whole spine MRIs. This involves using a learnt vector field to group detected vertebrae corners together into individual vertebral bodies and convolutional image-to-image translation followed by beam search to label vertebral levels in a self-consistent manner. The method can be applied without modification to lumbar, cervical and thoracic-only scans across a range of different MR sequences. The resulting system achieves 98.1 96.5 scans and matches or exceeds the performance of previous systems on lumbar-only scans. Finally, we demonstrate the clinical applicability of this method, using it for automated scoliosis detection in both lumbar and whole spine MR scans.



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