A Constant-factor Approximation for Weighted Bond Cover

05/03/2021 ∙ by Eun Jung Kim, et al. ∙ 0

The Weighted ℱ-Vertex Deletion for a class F of graphs asks, weighted graph G, for a minimum weight vertex set S such that G-S∈ F. The case when F is minor-closed and excludes some graph as a minor has received particular attention but a constant-factor approximation remained elusive for Weighted ℱ-Vertex Deletion. Only three cases of minor-closed F are known to admit constant-factor approximations, namely Vertex Cover, Feedback Vertex Set and Diamond Hitting Set. We study the problem for the class F of θ_c-minor-free graphs, under the equivalent setting of the Weighted c-Bond Cover problem, and present a constant-factor approximation algorithm using the primal-dual method. For this, we leverage a structure theorem implicit in [Joret et al., SIDMA'14] which states the following: any graph G containing a θ_c-minor-model either contains a large two-terminal protrusion, or contains a constant-size θ_c-minor-model, or a collection of pairwise disjoint constant-sized connected sets that can be contracted simultaneously to yield a dense graph. In the first case, we tame the graph by replacing the protrusion with a special-purpose weighted gadget. For the second and third case, we provide a weighting scheme which guarantees a local approximation ratio. Besides making an important step in the quest of (dis)proving a constant-factor approximation for Weighted ℱ-Vertex Deletion, our result may be useful as a template for algorithms for other minor-closed families.



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