A Congestion Control System Based on VANET for Small Length Roads

by   Ruchin Jain, et al.

As vehicle population has been increasing on a daily basis, this leads towards increased number of accidents. To overcome this issue, Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) has come up with lot of novel ideas such as vehicular communication, navigation and traffic controlling. In this study, the main focus is on congestion control at the intersections which result from unclear ahead. For this purpose, a city lane and intersection model has been proposed to manage vehicle mobility. It shows the actual vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to traffic infrastructure communication. The experiment was conducted using Network Simulator 2 (NS 2). The implementation required modelling the road side unit, traffic control unit, and on-board unit along the roadside. In the simulation, including traffic volume, the distance between two signals, end-to-end delay, packet delivery ratio, throughput and packet lost were taken into consideration. These parameters ensure efficient communication between the traffic signals. This results in improved congestion control and road safety, since the vehicles will be signalled not to enter the junction box and information about other vehicles.



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