A conceptual framework of Intelligent Management Control System for Higher Education

by   Helena Dudycz, et al.

The utilization of management control systems in university management poses a considerable challenge because university's strategic goals are not identical to those applied in profit-oriented management. A university's management control system should take into account the processing of management information for management purposes, allowing for the relationships between different groups of stakeholders. The specificity of the university operation assumes conducting long-term scientific research and educational programmes. Therefore, the controlling approach to university management should considerat long-term performance measurement as well as management in key areas such as research, provision of education to students, and interaction with the tertiary institution's socioeconomic environment.This paper aims to develop a conceptual framework of the Intelligent Management Control System for Higher Education (IMCSHE) based on cognitive agents. The main findings are related to developing the assumption, model, and technological basis including the artificial intelligence method.



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