A Comprehensive Survey on 6G Networks:Applications, Core Services, Enabling Technologies, and Future Challenges

01/29/2021 ∙ by Amin Shahraki, et al. ∙ 0

The fifth-generation (5G) of cellular networks use revolutionary and evolutionary technologies to notably improve wireless communication performance. However, given the envisioned new use cases (e.g., holographic communication) and the ever-increasing deployment of smart-physical end devices, the volume of network traffic has considerably raised, and the current mobile networks cannot wholly meet the ever-increasing demands. Hence, it is envisioned that 6G networks will play a critical role to alleviate these challenges by providing new communication services, network capacity, and ultra-low latency communications. In this paper, first, the need of 6G networks is discussed. Then, the potential 6G requirements and trends, as well as the latest research activities related to 6G are introduced. Furthermore, the key performance indicators, applications, new services, and the potential key enabling technologies for 6G networks are presented. Finally, several potential unresolved challenges for future 6G networks are presented.



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