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A Comprehensive Review of Computer Vision in Sports: Open Issues, Future Trends and Research Directions

by   Banoth Thulasya Naik, et al.

Recent developments in video analysis of sports and computer vision techniques have achieved significant improvements to enable a variety of critical operations. To provide enhanced information, such as detailed complex analysis in sports like soccer, basketball, cricket, badminton, etc., studies have focused mainly on computer vision techniques employed to carry out different tasks. This paper presents a comprehensive review of sports video analysis for various applications high-level analysis such as detection and classification of players, tracking player or ball in sports and predicting the trajectories of player or ball, recognizing the teams strategies, classifying various events in sports. The paper further discusses published works in a variety of application-specific tasks related to sports and the present researchers views regarding them. Since there is a wide research scope in sports for deploying computer vision techniques in various sports, some of the publicly available datasets related to a particular sport have been provided. This work reviews a detailed discussion on some of the artificial intelligence(AI)applications in sports vision, GPU-based work stations, and embedded platforms. Finally, this review identifies the research directions, probable challenges, and future trends in the area of visual recognition in sports.


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