A Compositional Approach to Certifying the Almost Global Asymptotic Stability of Cascade Systems

by   Jake Welde, et al.

In this work, we give sufficient conditions for the almost global asymptotic stability of a cascade in which the inner loop and the unforced outer loop are each almost globally asymptotically stable. Our qualitative approach relies on the absence of chain recurrence for non-equilibrium points of the unforced outer loop, the hyperbolicity of equilibria, and the precompactness of forward trajectories. The result is extended inductively to upper triangular systems with an arbitrary number of subsystems. We show that the required structure of the chain recurrent set can be readily verified, and describe two important classes of systems with this property. We also show that the precompactness requirement can be verified by growth rate conditions on the interconnection term coupling the subsystems. Our results stand in contrast to prior works that require either global asymptotic stability of the subsystems (impossible for smooth systems evolving on general manifolds), time scale separation between the subsystems, or strong disturbance robustness properties of the outer loop. The approach has clear applications in stability certification of cascaded controllers for systems evolving on manifolds.


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