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A complete solution for a nontrivial ruleset with entailing moves

by   Urban Larsson, et al.
IIT Bombay
Dalhousie University

Combinatorial Game Theory typically studies sequential rulesets with perfect information where two players alternate moves. There are rulesets with entailing moves that break the alternating play axiom and/or restrict the other player's options within the disjunctive sum components. Although some examples have been analyzed in the classical work Winning Ways, such rulesets usually fall outside the scope of the established normal play mathematical theory. At the first Combinatorial Games Workshop at MSRI, John H. Conway proposed that an effort should be made to devise some nontrivial ruleset with entailing moves that had a complete analysis. Recently, Larsson, Nowakowski, and Santos proposed a more general theory, affine impartial, which facilitates the mathematical analysis of impartial rulesets with entailing moves. Here, by using this theory, we present a complete solution for a nontrivial ruleset with entailing moves.


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