A Complete Set of Connectivity-aware Local Topology Manipulation Operations for Robot Swarms

by   Koresh Khateri, et al.

The topology of a robotic swarm affects the convergence speed of consensus and the mobility of the robots. In this paper, we prove the existence of a complete set of local topology manipulation operations that allow the transformation of a swarm topology. The set is complete in the sense that any other possible set of manipulation operations can be performed by a sequence of operations from our set. The operations are local as they depend only on the first and second hop neighbors' information to transform any initial spanning tree of the network's graph to any other connected tree with the same number of nodes. The flexibility provided by our method is similar to global methods that require full knowledge of the swarm network. We prove the existence of a sequence of transformations for any tree-to-tree transformation, and derive sequences of operations to form a line or star from any initial spanning tree. Our work provides a theoretical and practical framework for topological control of a swarm, establishing global properties using only local information.


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