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A Compendium on Distributed Systems

by   Aneesh Khole, et al.

Computer systems have evolved over the years starting from sizable, single-user, slow, and expensive machines to multi-user, fast, cheaper, and small-sized machines. The use of multi-user computer networks has given rise to a new paradigm of computing known as Distributed Systems. A distributed system is regarded as software consisting of a collection of dependent network communication and computational nodes. This paradigm yields high performance while also maintaining high efficiency due to the decentralization of various computer related tasks to several computer nodes that are interconnected. Even if distributed systems have proven to be beneficial over the years it also has some design flaws, security concerns and challenges. In this paper, the main objective is to define these issues, challenges and security concerns while also examining the various solutions developed over the years to resolve them. This paper also briefly covers the components as well as the working of Distributed Systems.


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