A Cloud-Edge-Terminal Collaborative System for Temperature Measurement in COVID-19 Prevention

by   Zheyi Ma, et al.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), preliminary temperature measurement and mask detection in public areas are conducted. However, the existing temperature measurement methods face the problems of safety and deployment. In this paper, to realize safe and accurate temperature measurement even when a person's face is partially obscured, we propose a cloud-edge-terminal collaborative system with a lightweight infrared temperature measurement model. A binocular camera with an RGB lens and a thermal lens is utilized to simultaneously capture image pairs. Then, a mobile detection model based on a multi-task cascaded convolutional network (MTCNN) is proposed to realize face alignment and mask detection on the RGB images. For accurate temperature measurement, we transform the facial landmarks on the RGB images to the thermal images by an affine transformation and select a more accurate temperature measurement area on the forehead. The collected information is uploaded to the cloud in real time for COVID-19 prevention. Experiments show that the detection model is only 6.1M and the average detection speed is 257ms. At a distance of 1m, the error of indoor temperature measurement is about 3 temperature measurement in public areas.


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