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A certifying extraction with time bounds from Coq to call-by-value λ-calculus

by   Yannick Forster, et al.

We provide a plugin extracting Coq functions of simple polymorphic types to the (untyped) call-by-value λ-calculus L. The plugin is implemented in the MetaCoq framework and entirely written in Coq. We provide Ltac tactics to automatically verify the extracted terms w.r.t a logical relation connecting Coq functions with correct extractions and time bounds, essentially performing a certifying translation and running time validation. We provide three case studies: A universal L-term obtained as extraction from the Coq definition of a step-indexed self-interpreter for Ł, a many-reduction from solvability of Diophantine equations to the halting problem of L, and a polynomial-time simulation of Turing machines in L.


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