A Candidate Group with Infeasible Inversion

by   Salim Ali Altug, et al.
Boston University

Motivated by the potential cryptographic application of building a directed transitive signature scheme, the search for a group with infeasible inversion was initiated in the theses of Hohenberger and Molnar in 2003. Later it was also shown to provide a broadcast encryption scheme by Irrer et al. (2004). However, to date the only case of a group with infeasible inversion is implied by the much stronger primitive of self-bilinear map constructed by Yamakawa et al. (2014) based on the hardness of factoring and indistinguishability obfuscation (iO). We propose a candidate trapdoor group with infeasible inversion without using the heavy machinery of iO. The underlying group is isomorphic to the ideal class group of an imaginary quadratic order, and is represented by the elliptic curve isogeny graph. The hardness of group inversion relies on the conjectured hardness of several problems on the isogeny graphs defined over composite moduli with unknown factorization.


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