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A Bunch of Sessions: A Propositions-as-Sessions Interpretation of Bunched Implications in Channel-Based Concurrency

by   Dan Frumin, et al.

The emergence of propositions-as-sessions, a Curry-Howard correspondence between propositions of Linear Logic and session types for concurrent processes, has settled the logical foundations of message-passing concurrency. Central to this approach is the resource consumption paradigm heralded by Linear Logic. In this paper, we investigate a new point in the design space of session type systems for message-passing concurrent programs. We identify O'Hearn and Pym's Logic of Bunched Implications (BI) as a fruitful basis for an interpretation of the logic as a concurrent programming language. This leads to a treatment of non-linear resources that is radically different from existing approaches based on Linear Logic. We introduce a new π-calculus with sessions, called πBI; its most salient feature is a construct called spawn, which expresses new forms of sharing that are induced by structural principles in BI. We illustrate the expressiveness of πBI and lay out its fundamental theory: type preservation, deadlock-freedom, and weak normalization results for well-typed processes; an operationally sound and complete typed encoding of an affine λ-calculus; and a non-interference result for access of resources.


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