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A Blockchain-enabled Trustless Crowd-Intelligence Ecosystem on Mobile Edge Computing

by   Jinliang Xu, et al.
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Crowd-intelligence tries to gather, process, infer and ascertain massive useful information by utilizing the intelligence of crowds or distributed computers, which has great potential in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). A crowd-intelligence ecosystem involves three stakeholders, namely the platform, workers (e.g., individuals, sensors or processors), and task publisher. The stakeholders have no mutual trust but interest conflict, which means bad cooperation of them. Due to lack of trust, transferring raw data (e.g., pictures or video clips) between publisher and workers requires the remote platform center to serve as a relay node, which implies network congestion. First we use a reward-penalty model to align the incentives of stakeholders. Then the predefined rules are implemented using blockchain smart contract on many edge servers of the mobile edge computing network, which together function as a trustless hybrid human-machine crowd-intelligence platform. As edge servers are near to workers and publisher, network congestion can be effectively improved. Further, we proved the existence of the only one strong Nash equilibrium, which can maximize the interests of involved edge servers and make the ecosystem bigger. Theoretical analysis and experiments validate the proposed method respectively.


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