A big data intelligence marketplace and secure analytics experimentation platform for the aviation industry

by   Dimitrios Miltiadou, et al.

The unprecedented volume, diversity and richness of aviation data that can be acquired, generated, stored, and managed provides unique capabilities for the aviation-related industries and pertains value that remains to be unlocked with the adoption of the innovative Big Data Analytics technologies. Despite the large efforts and investments on research and innovation, the Big Data technologies introduce a number of challenges to its adopters. Besides the effective storage and access to the underlying big data, efficient data integration and data interoperability should be considered, while at the same time multiple data sources should be effectively combined by performing data exchange and data sharing between the different stakeholders. However, this reveals additional challenges for the crucial preservation of the information security of the collected data, the trusted and secure data exchange and data sharing, as well as the robust data access control. The current paper aims to introduce the ICARUS big data-enabled platform that aims provide a multi-sided platform that offers a novel aviation data and intelligence marketplace accompanied by a trusted and secure analytics workspace. It holistically handles the complete big data lifecycle from the data collection, data curation and data exploration to the data integration and data analysis of data originating from heterogeneous data sources with different velocity, variety and volume in a trusted and secure manner.


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