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A Benchmark for Cycling Close Pass Near Miss Event Detection from Video Streams

by   Mingjie Li, et al.

Cycling is a healthy and sustainable mode of transport. However, interactions with motor vehicles remain a key barrier to increased cycling participation. The ability to detect potentially dangerous interactions from on-bike sensing could provide important information to riders and policy makers. Thus, automated detection of conflict between cyclists and drivers has attracted researchers from both computer vision and road safety communities. In this paper, we introduce a novel benchmark, called Cyc-CP, towards cycling close pass near miss event detection from video streams. We first divide this task into scene-level and instance-level problems. Scene-level detection asks an algorithm to predict whether there is a close pass near miss event in the input video clip. Instance-level detection aims to detect which vehicle in the scene gives rise to a close pass near miss. We propose two benchmark models based on deep learning techniques for these two problems. For training and testing those models, we construct a synthetic dataset and also collect a real-world dataset. Our models can achieve 88.13 respectively. We envision this benchmark as a test-bed to accelerate cycling close pass near miss detection and facilitate interaction between the fields of road safety, intelligent transportation systems and artificial intelligence. Both the benchmark datasets and detection models will be available at to facilitate experimental reproducibility and encourage more in-depth research in the field.


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