A Bandit Approach for Mode Selection in Ambient Backscatter-Assisted Wireless-Powered Relaying

by   Guangxia Li, et al.

Backscattering assisted wireless-powered communication combines ultralow-power backscatter transmitters with energy harvesting devices. This paper investigates the transmission mode selection problem of a hybrid relay that forwards data by switching between the active wireless-powered transmission and the passive ambient backscattering. It first presents a hybrid relay system model and derives its end-to-end success probability under theoretically optimal, but practically unrealistic, conditions. The transmission mode selection is then formulated as a stochastic two-armed bandit problem in a varying environment where the distributions of rewards are nonstationary. The proposed model selection scheme does not assume to have access to any channel states or network conditions, but merely relies on learning from past transmission records. Numerical analyses are performed to validate the proposed bandit-based mode selection approach.


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