6G V2X Technologies and Orchestrated Sensing for Autonomous Driving

by   Marouan Mizmizi, et al.

6G technology targets to revolutionize the mobility industry by revamping the role of wireless connections. In this article, we draw out our vision on an intelligent, cooperative, and sustainable mobility environment of the future, discussing how 6G will positively impact mobility services and applications. The scenario in focus is a densely populated area by smart connected entities that are mutually connected over a 6G virtual bus, which enables access to an extensive and always up-to-date set of context-sensitive information. The augmented dataset is functional to let vehicles engage in adaptive and cooperative learning mechanisms, enabling fully automated functionalities with higher communication integrity and reduced risk of accidents while being a sentient and collaborative processing node of the same ecosystem. Smart sensing and communication technologies are discussed herein, and their convergence is devised by the pervasiveness of artificial intelligence in centralized or distributed and federated network architectures.



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