5G Utility Pole Planner Using Google Street View and Mask R-CNN

by   Yanyu Zhang, et al.

With the advances of fifth-generation (5G) cellular networks technology, many studies and work have been carried out on how to build 5G networks for smart cities. In the previous research, street lighting poles and smart light poles are capable of being a 5G access point. In order to determine the position of the points, this paper discusses a new way to identify poles based on Mask R-CNN, which extends Fast R-CNNs by making it employ recursive Bayesian filtering and perform proposal propagation and reuse. The dataset contains 3,000 high-resolution images from google map. To make training faster, we used a very efficient GPU implementation of the convolution operation. We achieved a train error rate of 7.86 immune algorithm to set 5G poles in the smart cities.



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