3DPVNet: Patch-level 3D Hough Voting Network for 6D Pose Estimation

09/15/2020 ∙ by Yuanpeng Liu, et al. ∙ 4

In this paper, we focus on estimating the 6D pose of objects in point clouds. Although the topic has been widely studied, pose estimation in point clouds remains a challenging problem due to the noise and occlusion. To address the problem, a novel 3DPVNet is presented in this work, which utilizes 3D local patches to vote for the object 6D poses. 3DPVNet is comprised of three modules. In particular, a Patch Unification (PU) module is first introduced to normalize the input patch, and also create a standard local coordinate frame on it to generate a reliable vote. We then devise a Weight-guided Neighboring Feature Fusion (WNFF) module in the network, which fuses the neighboring features to yield a semi-global feature for the center patch. WNFF module mines the neighboring information of a local patch, such that the representation capability to local geometric characteristics is significantly enhanced, making the method robust to a certain level of noise. Moreover, we present a Patch-level Voting (PV) module to regress transformations and generates pose votes. After the aggregation of all votes from patches and a refinement step, the final pose of the object can be obtained. Compared to recent voting-based methods, 3DPVNet is patch-level, and directly carried out on point clouds. Therefore, 3DPVNet achieves less computation than point/pixel-level voting scheme, and has robustness to partial data. Experiments on several datasets demonstrate that 3DPVNet achieves the state-of-the-art performance, and is also robust against noise and occlusions.



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