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3D UAV Trajectory Design for Fair and Energy-Efficient Communication: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Technique

by   Shahid Rasool, et al.

In different situations, like disaster communication and network connectivity for rural locations, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) could indeed be utilized as airborne base stations to improve both the functionality and coverage of communication networks. Ground users can employ mobile UAVs to establish communication channels and deliver packages. UAVs, on the other hand, have restricted transmission capabilities and fuel supplies. They can't always cover the full region or continue to fly for a long time, especially in a huge territory. Controlling a swarm of UAVs to yield a relatively long communication coverage while maintaining connectivity and limiting energy usage is so difficult. We use modern deep reinforcement learning (DRL) for UAV connectivity to provide an innovative and extremely energy-efficient DRL-based algorithm. The proposed method: 1) enhances novel energy efficiency while taking into account communications throughput, energy consumption, fairness, and connectivity; 2) evaluates the environment and its dynamics; and 3) makes judgments using strong deep neural networks. For performance evaluation, we have performed comprehensive simulations. In terms of energy consumption and fairness, simulation results show that the DRL-based algorithm consistently outperforms two commonly used baseline techniques.


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