3D Real-Time Supercomputer Monitoring

by   Bill Bergeron, et al.

Supercomputers are complex systems producing vast quantities of performance data from multiple sources and of varying types. Performance data from each of the thousands of nodes in a supercomputer tracks multiple forms of storage, memory, networks, processors, and accelerators. Optimization of application performance is critical for cost effective usage of a supercomputer and requires efficient methods for effectively viewing performance data. The combination of supercomputing analytics and 3D gaming visualization enables real-time processing and visual data display of massive amounts of information that humans can process quickly with little training. Our system fully utilizes the capabilities of modern 3D gaming environments to create novel representations of computing hardware which intuitively represent the physical attributes of the supercomputer while displaying real-time alerts and component utilization. This system allows operators to quickly assess how the supercomputer is being used, gives users visibility into the resources they are consuming, and provides instructors new ways to interactively teach the computing architecture concepts necessary for efficient computing



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