3D Meta-Segmentation Neural Network

10/08/2021 ∙ by Yu Hao, et al. ∙ 0

Though deep learning methods have shown great success in 3D point cloud part segmentation, they generally rely on a large volume of labeled training data, which makes the model suffer from unsatisfied generalization abilities to unseen classes with limited data. To address this problem, we present a novel meta-learning strategy that regards the 3D shape segmentation function as a task. By training over a number of 3D part segmentation tasks, our method is capable to learn the prior over the respective 3D segmentation function space which leads to an optimal model that is rapidly adapting to new part segmentation tasks. To implement our meta-learning strategy, we propose two novel modules: meta part segmentation learner and part segmentation learner. During the training process, the part segmentation learner is trained to complete a specific part segmentation task in the few-shot scenario. In the meantime, the meta part segmentation learner is trained to capture the prior from multiple similar part segmentation tasks. Based on the learned information of task distribution, our meta part segmentation learner is able to dynamically update the part segmentation learner with optimal parameters which enable our part segmentation learner to rapidly adapt and have great generalization ability on new part segmentation tasks. We demonstrate that our model achieves superior part segmentation performance with the few-shot setting on the widely used dataset: ShapeNet.



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