2nd Place Solution to Instance Segmentation of IJCAI 3D AI Challenge 2020

by   Kai Jiang, et al.

Compared with MS-COCO, the dataset for the competition has a larger proportion of large objects which area is greater than 96x96 pixels. As getting fine boundaries is vitally important for large object segmentation, Mask R-CNN with PointRend is selected as the base segmentation framework to output high-quality object boundaries. Besides, a better engine that integrates ResNeSt, FPN and DCNv2, and a range of effective tricks that including multi-scale training and test time augmentation are applied to improve segmentation performance. Our best performance is an ensemble of four models (three PointRend-based models and SOLOv2), which won the 2nd place in IJCAI-PRICAI 3D AI Challenge 2020: Instance Segmentation.


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