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2nd Place Solution for Waymo Open Dataset Challenge – Real-time 2D Object Detection

by   Yueming Zhang, et al.

In an autonomous driving system, it is essential to recognize vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists from images. Besides the high accuracy of the prediction, the requirement of real-time running brings new challenges for convolutional network models. In this report, we introduce a real-time method to detect the 2D objects from images. We aggregate several popular one-stage object detectors and train the models of variety input strategies independently, to yield better performance for accurate multi-scale detection of each category, especially for small objects. For model acceleration, we leverage TensorRT to optimize the inference time of our detection pipeline. As shown in the leaderboard, our proposed detection framework ranks the 2nd place with 75.00 Waymo Open Dataset Challenges, while our framework achieves the latency of 45.8ms/frame on an Nvidia Tesla V100 GPU.


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2nd Place Solution for Waymo Open Dataset Challenge – 2D Object Detection

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