2D and 3D CNN-Based Fusion Approach for COVID-19 Severity Prediction from 3D CT-Scans

by   Fares Bougourzi, et al.

Since the appearance of Covid-19 in late 2019, Covid-19 has become an active research topic for the artificial intelligence (AI) community. One of the most interesting AI topics is Covid-19 analysis of medical imaging. CT-scan imaging is the most informative tool about this disease. This work is part of the 3nd COV19D competition for Covid-19 Severity Prediction. In order to deal with the big gap between the validation and test results that were shown in the previous version of this competition, we proposed to combine the prediction of 2D and 3D CNN predictions. For the 2D CNN approach, we propose 2B-InceptResnet architecture which consists of two paths for segmented lungs and infection of all slices of the input CT-scan, respectively. Each path consists of ConvLayer and Inception-ResNet pretrained model on ImageNet. For the 3D CNN approach, we propose hybrid-DeCoVNet architecture which consists of four blocks: Stem, four 3D-ResNet layers, Classification Head and Decision layer. Our proposed approaches outperformed the baseline approach in the validation data of the 3nd COV19D competition for Covid-19 Severity Prediction by 36


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