23-bit Metaknowledge Template Towards Big Data Knowledge Discovery and Management

by   Nima Bari, et al.

The global influence of Big Data is not only growing but seemingly endless. The trend is leaning towards knowledge that is attained easily and quickly from massive pools of Big Data. Today we are living in the technological world that Dr. Usama Fayyad and his distinguished research fellows discussed in the introductory explanations of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) predicted nearly two decades ago. Indeed, they were precise in their outlook on Big Data analytics. In fact, the continued improvement of the interoperability of machine learning, statistics, database building and querying fused to create this increasingly popular science- Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. The next generation computational theories are geared towards helping to extract insightful knowledge from even larger volumes of data at higher rates of speed. As the trend increases in popularity, the need for a highly adaptive solution for knowledge discovery will be necessary. In this research paper, we are introducing the investigation and development of 23 bit-questions for a Metaknowledge template for Big Data Processing and clustering purposes. This research aims to demonstrate the construction of this methodology and proves the validity and the beneficial utilization that brings Knowledge Discovery from Big Data.



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