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2-D Directed Formation Control Based on Bipolar Coordinates

by   Farhad Mehdifar, et al.

This work proposes a novel 2-D formation control scheme for acyclic triangulated directed graphs (a class of minimally acyclic persistent graphs) based on bipolar coordinates with (almost) global convergence to the desired shape. Prescribed performance control is employed to devise a decentralized control law that avoids singularities and introduces robustness against external disturbances while ensuring predefined transient and steady-state performance for the closed-loop system. Furthermore, it is shown that the proposed formation control scheme can handle formation maneuvering, scaling, and orientation specifications simultaneously. Additionally, the proposed control law is implementable in the agents' arbitrarily oriented local coordinate frames using only low-cost onboard vision sensors, which are favorable for practical applications. Finally, various simulation studies clarify and verify the proposed approach.


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