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1st Place Solution to ECCV 2022 Challenge on Out of Vocabulary Scene Text Understanding: Cropped Word Recognition

by   Zhangzi Zhu, et al.

This report presents our winner solution to ECCV 2022 challenge on Out-of-Vocabulary Scene Text Understanding (OOV-ST) : Cropped Word Recognition. This challenge is held in the context of ECCV 2022 workshop on Text in Everything (TiE), which aims to extract out-of-vocabulary words from natural scene images. In the competition, we first pre-train SCATTER on the synthetic datasets, then fine-tune the model on the training set with data augmentations. Meanwhile, two additional models are trained specifically for long and vertical texts. Finally, we combine the output from different models with different layers, different backbones, and different seeds as the final results. Our solution achieves an overall word accuracy of 69.73 in-vocabulary and out-of-vocabulary words.


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