Zahin Rahman

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💼 5+ years in the Canadian nuclear industry with OPG across a wide spectrum of functional roles including plant performance engineering, project management, and design

🎓M.Eng with an emphasis on Data Science/Machine Learning, Leadership, Management & Innovation

🏆 "Top-Rated" Freelancer on Upwork: Technical Writing, Data Science and Machine Learning

I love doing anything that challenges me to think critically and analytically. I am always in the lookout to learn more, be it from an industry veteran or a high school science enthusiast. My aptitude for quick-learning and delivering results with continuous improvement are some of my key strengths.

I am a firm believer in continuous learning, data-driven decision making and user/client centricity, and currently simultaneously pursuing nanodegrees and certificate programs in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning on Udacity and EdX, while working on client projects on Upwork within the areas of Technical Writing and Machine Learning/Data Science.

The only time you are growing is when you are out of your comfort zone!

Feel free to give me a shout! I am always in the mood for a chat about new and exciting opportunities.